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The Bloods are a street gang founded in Los Angeles, California. The gang is widely known for its rivalry with the Crips. They are identified by the red color worn by their members and by particular gang symbols, including distinctive hand signs. The Bloods are made up of various sub-groups known as "sets" between which significant differences exist such as colors, clothing, and operations, and political ideas which may be in open conflict with each other. Since their creation, the Blood gangs have branched out throughout the United States

The Bloods gang was formed initially to compete against the influence of the Crips in Los Angeles. The origin of the Bloods and their rivalry with the Crips dates to the 1970s, where the Pirusstreet gang, originally a set, or faction, of the Crips broke off during an internal gang war, and allied with other smaller gangs to found the gang that would eventually become known as the Bloods. At the time, Crips sets outnumbered Bloods sets by three to one. To assert their power despite this difference in numbers, Bloods sets became increasingly violent, especially against rival Crips members. The Pirus are therefore considered to be the original founders of the Bloods. During the rise of crack cocaine, the gang's focus shifted to drug production. Bloods sets operate independently of each other, and are currently located in almost all states.
Blood sets on the East Coast are often seen as affiliated with the United Blood Nation, a gang which originated in Rikers Island. The United Blood Nation, simply called the Bloods, formed in 1993, within the New York City jail system on Rikers Island's GMDC (George Mochen Detention Center), sometimes called C 73. GMDC was used to segregate problem inmates from the rest of the detention center. Prior to this time period, the Latin Kings were the most prevalent and organized gang in the NYC jail system. The Latin Kings, with mostly Hispanic members, were targeting African American inmates with violence. These African American inmates, organized by some of the more violent and charismatic inmates, formed a protection group which they called the United Blood Nation. This United Blood Nation, which was actually a prison gang, was emulating the Bloods street gangs in Los Angeles. Several of the leaders of this recently created prison gang formed eight original Blood sets to recruit in their neighborhoods across New York City

"Need to gather up, time for us to get into real business, and a-.. before my nigga Ge died, niggas. He has been yapping on about this business, too. The fuck you niggas, standin' tough but gettin' no payment, come on," said Art with kind of rough voice tone he expressed his words with hand movements as well. Dwayne nodded once and so the meeting was called in Fred's house. "Ayo, pass me one blunt," said Art with a silly smirk on his face when he was opening door of Fred's house. Fred shook his head as he was reaching for his pocket, withdrawing a pack of cigarettes afterwards. "Motherfucker, the fuckin' business, man?" said Fred to Art, with a slight frown on his face, nodding upwardly towards Dwayne. "No worries, juss' pass me that shi'," responded Art, obviously not paying that much attention to Fred's words. Fred passed him one of the pre-rolled blunts from the pack, nodding upwardly afterwards as they walked through the entrance of Fred's house. "You're my man, you know it - now less' get to bidness!" said Art as he grabbed the blunt from Fred's hand, withdrawing the lighter meanwhile with his other hand. - Blunt was in rotation and smoke was obstructing their visions as Art explained how to slang drugs. "Fred and Dwayne were starting to work for Art, they asked the other thugs around the hood to join in as well.".

Washington was bustlin' and shit man, i ain't neva' seen them nigga's go as hard as they did, shit. The set had it on lock down basically ma'dude, they controlled the whole of Jefferson and shit. And guess who was at the top of it all with a couple'a'other nigga's? you ain't neva' woulda' guessed.. some'a'the old Willowfield heights crew nigga's, you heard it homie', straight and simple like that, they just couldn't stop nigga', the game was everything back then. I was seein' them nigga's all around Los Santos man, everybody was talking, Washington this, Washington that man.. respect ain't come from thin air nigga', but them cats new how ta'rally nigga's up. They knew how to bang and respect wasn't hard fa'them, shit started gettin' complicated though'.. it was like nigga's was cookin' up somethin' crazy, next thing i knew.. the families was split up inta' three major cliques nigga', they was Washington, then Defson and sixth, and that's when i met that nigga'... the head nigga' in charge'a'the Washington clique, nigga' was like..like a general nah'mean... he had more brains then all the nigga's there. On his side he had fat Ross, and his nigga' BB', shit was going good, and that general nigga' was takin' it ta' everybody man. Rival cliques and mark ass wannabe's, yo, they was done for.. straight and simple son. Shit, anyways i gotta' tell ya' man, things ain't last forever.

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